Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hayden's Law

Keep Updated and Follow Sutter's Friends

The Hayden law is one of the most significant laws protecting shelter animals in California, but  Governor Brown is planning to repeal it.  If this happens it will be devastating to the animals who end up in our shelters.  Please take just five minutes of your time to call these assembly members and Gov Brown to ask them to please say NO to repealing the Hayden Law.  All the numbers are below.  So it has been made so easy to just call.  

The Hayden Law was enacted in 1998 and extended the minimum holding period (from three days to six days) for sheltered animals in California before the animal becomes the property of the shelter, giving guardians a better chance to find their lost pets.

 Among other things, the law also declares that the animals under the shelters' care need to be provided proper veterinary care, food and shelter.
 Governor Jerry Brown is planning to repeal many of the provisions of this law!
 What does this mean for a lost or stray pet?
---  Shelters would no longer be required to provide animals with necessary and prompt veterinary care.
---  Shelters would only be required to hold a stray dog or cat for 72 hours (instead of six days) from the time of capture. The 72 hours does not have to include any days when the shelter is actually open.
---  After the 72 hour hold, shelters would not be required to make that cat or dog available for owner redemption or adoption.
This repeal would decrease the likelihood of a lost pet being reunited with their guardian.
This repeal would allow shelters to euthanize a stray or lost animal in 72 hours whether or not they had been open during that time; thus making adoption and rescue of homeless animals nearly impossible.  

 Let Governor Jerry Brown know that you DO NOT support his plan to repeal the Hayden Law. Support Here <--Please click the link to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!